Please enjoy listening to 2 brief showcase montages of my recent musical works. If you would like to listen to full songs, other small collections are available below for listening, along with specific genre bundles that are available on the Unreal Marketplace and the Unity Asset Store. Please contact me so that we can plan a free consultation to evaluate your soundtrack needs and find a budget that works for you! 

 Aggressive and Intense Action Genre Demo Reel 

Action Demo Reel
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 Emotional and Mellow Genre Demo Reel 

Emotional Demo Reel
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 5 Hours of Diverse Bundle Previews on YouTube 


Working with Ada Maskil

My Philosophy: A Soundtrack is composed to enhance and support the gameplay. As a Soundtrack Composer, I begin a relationship with a Game Designer through a Skype video call. By getting to know your perspective and desires for the gameplay and the feelings you want your player to walk away with. Working together to create an amazing video game experience is more than a job. I consider myself part of your team through the conclusion of the project.

I specialize in composing PowerfulEmotionally Evocative, and Dark orchestral soundtracks, featuring electronic and environmental elements. I have over 15 years of experience in the music industry. Please enjoy the few samples of my previous work and styles I specialize in, which I have prepared below.

Read more about my Creative Process and Working with me.

Whether you are familiar with musical ideas or not, I will take your abstract ideas and transform them into unique and memorable themes, creating a more powerful playing experience. I always do a FREE CONSULTATION to get to know you and your game. Reach out to me today!

Previous Works

Massive Medieval RPG

NightShadow's Lament
Dragon Wakes

Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Uncharted Lands
Cold World
Myths of Yuggoth Cover.jpg
Chase Theme

retro horror-survival

Open-World RPG Adventure








Solo Music



We all have busy schedules, but I'd like to talk with you face to face through Skype!

Feel free to reach out to me in whatever way works best for you, Email, Skype, or Contact Form.

Email: maskil.ada(at)

Skype: live:maskil.ada

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Composing Music